Nature and Landscape Photography

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My interest in wildlife, nature and photography started from a young age my when father took me fishing. I can remember watching kingfishers sitting on my rod, foxes walking by and nuthatches scurry along branches.(I wish this happened whilst out with the camera!)
My photography started with film, black and white processing in the Cambridge University Dept of Zoology's dark room. With help from the resident evening user John Overton, a very good motor racing photographer.
Since that time family and work slowed my photography, however on my 50th birthday my present was a Nikon D40Xl, this encouraged me back into taking photographs.
I am based in Comberton Cambridge and my passion is wildlife and the rural environment.
Limited edition prints are avalible for sale.

Two years ago I obtained my LRPS, Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society.


Mountain Hares Peak District
05th January 2018
Snettisham - November 2017
06th November 2017


Snettisham RSPB 2017 NIKON D500 500mm f4 1-2500 iso400 Recent Images 2011-11-13-16-13-19 NIKON D300 300mm f5 1-1250 iso400_244 Birds
2017-09-19-08-59-36 NIKON D810 200mm f8 1-125 iso200 Mammals, Reptiles, Domestic Animals 2013-09-04-11-11-10 NIKON D300 420mm f8 1-1000 iso800_257 Insects, Dragon Flies, Bugs and Plants
2015-04-14-14-11-49 NIKON D800 56mm f9 1-400 iso100_252 Black and White Sunset Cullins Skye NIKON D300 40mm f10 1-13 iso400_268 Landscapes