Mountain Hares Peak District

05th January 2018

My Christmas present last year was a day out on the Peak District moor land with Tesni Ward to photograph Mountain Hares.
I was apprehensive as Tesni states you need to be reasonably fit for this tour. With her being half my age and an ex Gb athlete I was worried.
Tesni was great not only giving me the chance to see and photograph these beautifull creatures, helping carrying my 500mm f4 and offering a hand to negociate the rough terrain when I needed help.

The peak district moors were stunning, the fog not so good. At the start of the 5-6 mile walk many Red Grouse where close by and provided good photography.
The walking was strenuous and tiring but we saw many hares, some close others at a distance.

To ensure the hares are not disturbed we sat/laid on the heather slowly knee walking towards the animal as they started to except us. Though after waiting 50 mins for the first one to show some movement we moved as it was obvious he was not happy.

As we climbed higher we saw more hares and had great views from the trig point at Bleaklow, near the RB29 Superfortress crash site.

As we started to walk back the best view of a hare appeared right under our feet in a form, Tesni had seen it I didn't, we tried moving very slowly to get further away to photographic it, however it wasn't having it and bolted. It was great to see it majestically sprint across the heather, though a shame we disturbed it.
As we continued our walk we found another hare close by and lowered ourselves to watch it. it was great to sit and watch animal behaviour of a very charismatic creature.
We could see about 5 hares in various locations as we sat and watched this one, getting some good photographs.

Finally with many images we arrived back at our cars at 4:00, having started at 9:00. A great day and many thanks to Tesni for all her help.
he worst thing was the three hour drive that awaited me.

The next morning my body was complaining from the pervious days exertions. But it was all worth it.